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The #1 thing that sellers can do to sell their house!

The #1 thing that sellers can do to sell their house!

I am asked many questions during listing appointments and I always answer questions with direct honesty. Sometimes my honesty is surprising.  During one recent listing appointment, the seller asked me, “What is the most effective way to get an offer on a listing?”  He was not expecting the answer I gave him.  Point blank, without hesitation, my answer was; “Get a second buyer who wants it more than the first.”  His mouth dropped open; he’d never thought of selling a house in that way.

As a seller, if you are reading this, you’ve probably already read one of the many articles on what you must do to sell your house.  As a seller you should have only one objective:  MAKE MORE THAN ONE BUYER WANT IT!

The fastest and easiest way to attract more than one buyer is through pricing.  Some sellers (and maybe you are one of them) can’t complete all those ‘Must-Do’s’.  Maybe you don’t have available funds for a new roof.  Perhaps you’re selling a house as-is because you inherited it.  There are many reasons for not checking everything off the list.  Luckily, there is one factor of the listing that you absolutely control; the price.  If the house hasn’t been updated, and still has 1970’s shag carpet; adjust the price.  Adjust it so that more than one buyer wants it.

I am not advocating for throwing the ‘Must-Do’ list out of the freshly cleaned window.  Look at the list and complete as many as you possibly can; those things will make your house more desirable.  If you can’t do them all, don’t beat yourself up.  Call me so we can prioritize what you can do and discuss a price which would be compelling in the current market.

After you’ve done what you can, and we’ve determined the price of the house; put the house on the market.  Those compelled buyers will come…with offers.  Two compelled buyers may even bid the price up higher than you expect.  Let this process happen naturally and you will reap the benefits in both time and money.

Buyers move faster with a compelling price.  The Puget Sound real estate market is cooling and simply being competitive in the market isn’t enough right now.

What are you doing to compel them?

-Christen Cripe

The #1 thing sellers can do to sell their house.