Welcome. My name is Christen Cripe.

“Why is it named Thompson Carol Real Estate?”

My name is not ‘Thompson’ and it’s not ‘Carol’, so how did I come up with the name?


The first person is my mom, Carol Mathis. Her support and encouragement have led me to believe that I can do whatever I choose in life. Every day, I choose to do business in a way that will make my mom proud to call me her daughter. To honor her, I named my company after her.

The second person is Jack Thompson. Jack is my father in law. He has such a unique perspective on life and how to live it. He never compromises and he believes in integrity to one’s core. He has guided me on making hard choices and always been an advocate for me. This is one small way to thank Jack for everything he has done for me.


I named my company Thompson Carol in order to honor these two important individuals in my life

I am the owner of Thompson Carol Real Estate. Providing a high level of customer service is of utmost importance to me; and it shows in the relationships that I’ve built with my clients.

When we work together, you’ll find that my dedication, experience and communication will make your next move a success.